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On Thursday April 6, the United States launched over 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles into the Shayrat air base in Syria. This unprovoked attack is a dramatic and dangerous escalation of the war in Syria and an assault on the sovereignty of the Syrian people.

Donald Trump has justified the order by claiming "vital reasons of national security". After the attack he made a call to all "civilized Western Nations" to join the U.S. to "end the killing and bloodshed in Syria". This coming from the same president that just last week was bombarding Mosul killing hundreds of civilians in a single attack. 

It should also be remembered that for the last 4 years Syria has been under attack by scores of terrorist groups that are supported and financed by the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and various Western nations, with the objective of taking away Syria's independence and splitting it into pieces.

The attack yesterday comes just two days after the Syrian Government categorically rejected the use of chemical weapons in Idleb. The lack of proof and the imperial manipulation of those facts by the Trump administration and the demonization of the Syrian Government through the corporate media is an attempt to gain consent of public opinion to escalate military intervention under the false notion they are doing it out of humanitarian concerns for the Syrian people. If the U.S. was so concerned about the people of the Middle East it would end their support for the systematic occupation of Palestine and call for the freedom of the detained and tortured Palestinian children that fill Israeli jails.
This is the same script they used in Iraq and Libya, where chemical weapons or weapons of mass destruction where never found. The history of U.S. interventions is littered with false pretexts in order to control and seize the resources of countries not aligned with their interests.
These are the same imperial hegemonic interests that are now targeting Bolivarian Venezuela to overthrow President Maduro and that continue the genocidal blockade against Cuba. In the case of Venezuela they are using the Organization of American States (OAS), led by Luis Almagro, as a battering ram to overthrow a popular, democratically elected government. The methods may be different than in Syria but the desired results are the same.
Once again we call for solidarity with the people of Syria and all oppressed people.  No to intervention! No to Imperialist War!

International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity, Argentinean Human Right League and Carioca Committee in Solidarity with Cuba.
April 7, 2017

International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity
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